The Calypso Organization

The Calypso Organization is a group of environmentally friendly companies and businesses established in 1979 by Gerald Jennings in London.
Due to its initial connections with the worlds of marine biology and the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo (Ogygia) the name Calypso was adopted. The famous research vessel owned by Jacques Cousteau was also named after this legendary Greek sea nymph.
The Group currently (2015) comprises:

1. A specialist publishing house - Calypso Publications
2. A specialist bookshop - The Calypso Online Fish Bookshop
3. A marine biological research branch - Calypso Research
4. The Calypso Photolibrary

5. An IT consultancy
6. A pet fish advisory and free rehoming service - FishOrphans
7. A society for reuniting professional academics and students of fish and ichthyology- Aquarists Reunited
8. A commercial gardening, garden construction, and landscaping service also giving free advice on environmental garden construction - Calypso Landscape

(The Calypso Organization is also a member of the Ethical Junction environmental organization and IFOCAS , the International Federation of Online Clubs and Aquatic Societies)

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The Calypso Organization is an environmentally conscious group of Well-Established interrelated enterprises whose profits are reinvested into related environmental research programmes. It has several different branches. Calypso is both self-financing and totally independent and supports several other prestigious aquatic-based organizations

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