ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS to the 1st edition (1979)

The full report has taken over eight years to complete, during which period many new and important advances in marine chemistry have been made. We are indebted to all of our colleagues and associates throughout the World for all the information given or sent to us over this period .
In its formative stage invaluable assistance was given by the Library of the Marine Biological Association at Plymouth and Mr.J. B. Clark of St. Michael, Barbados.
In addition to the works mentioned in the bibliography information from the following sources was consulted .
Messrs. British Drug Houses of Parkstone, Poole, Dorset (Laboratory Chemicals Catalogues 1967-1977)
Messrs. C. M. E. Group, London. (for financial support.)
the late Mr. R. P. L. Straughan , Coral Reef Exhibits. U. S. A.
Messrs. Griffin & George Ltd. U. K.
Messrs. Pettish Publications of London.
Messrs. T. F. H. Publications. New Jersey, U. S. A. 
Synthetic seawaters in 1970

Below is reproduced an advertisement from PetFish monthly, February 1970 which advertises both standard and specialist seawaters for sale based on the Clark-Jennings formulaediscussed in the text

PetFish monthly and Kraken advertisement February 1970

Our thanks are also extended to  those many other individuals not mentioned here who gave freely of both their time and facilities at their own expense in the course of this report's preparation.
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