Introduction to Marine Chemistry  The Seawater Manual  Seawater and its properties,composition and behaviour  Oceans by Turekian    A basic guide to the chemistry of marine aquariums and artificial seawaters


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We suspect errors in the formulae published in the following (all are popular aquatic booklets)

"Aquarium Water Chemistry" a T.F.H.Publication. (p.20)

"Exotic Marine Fishes" a T.F.H.Publication.

"Saltwater Fishes" a T.F.H.Publication. (p.7)

"Marine Aquarium,The" . Studio Vista. (p.21)

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Basic Marine Aquaria Chemistry (Online.pdf file)  BMAC Fundamentals of Water Chemistry for Marine Aquarists

Basic Marine Chemistry  ( Books)  see

Some similar research work undertaken by other researchers.

A History of Tropical Marine Fishkeeping in the United Kingdom 1960-1980, Two Decades of Pioneering - From Angle-Iron to Silicone Rubber    Jennings, al   Calypso Publications, London,


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